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"Terra Agro" AD was founded in 2003, with headquarter and address of management in Sofia, 43A "Dimitur Gichev" Str.

"Terra Agro" AD develops its main activity in the sphere of agriculture and is orientated towards growing perennial plant plantations on its own agricultural land in the district of Straldza, Yambol.

During 2004-2005 the company developed and successfully realized a project on the program SAPARD, creating plum plantations with about 80 ha territory, 30 ha cherry plantations and an irrigating system.

The production is realized in two directions - on the market for fresh fruits and as a raw material for the manufacturing and canning industry.

In 2007 "Terra Agro" AD became a member of the Group of manufacturers "Terra Vitalis" OOD, founded with the aim to introduce a quality management system, which guarantees a supply of a high quality, competitive production on the European markets.

The firm has a certificate GLOBALCAP (Good Agricultural Practice) which proves the origin and the quality of the production.

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