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  12.03.2009: VINARIA 2009
From 18 to 21 of March in the town of Plovdiv will be held Vinaria 2009 - international exhibition for viticulture and wine-trade. Thousands of visitors, traders and wine connoisseurs from over 30 countries visit it every year in order to do business or to enjoy unique products. The impressive design of the stands and exhibitions create a wonderful atmosphere and turn the exhibition into a feast.

Among the traditional events again a special spirit carry the Wine Festival and the national degustation.

Satellite programs for supervision of grapes and field cultures are among the world novelties, which will be displayed on the international exhibition. By means of satellites it will be possible to make prognoses in order to protect the crop from damage.

For the very first time in Vinaria 2009 there will be a special Gourmet zone set apart with the partnership of the Bulgarian Gourmet society. It will give opportunities for presentations of producers and importers of high quality products, connected to the wine. The idea is that distinguished specialists present wines, brandies, displayed on Vinaria 2009, as well as products which exquisitely match with them: meat and fish delicacies, cheese and dairy products, chocolate and cake, cigars, tobacco for pipes, accessories, connected with their consummation, etc.

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