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  20.03.2009: Prowein 2009 To another great year
On the 29-31.03.2009 in Dusseldorf, Germany will be held the international trade fair for wine and spirits Prowein 2009. The event is held annually since 1994. In the last years it was recognized as a leading venue of professionals and selected branch representatives. The last year exhibition attracted over 30 000 visitors and 3160 exhibitors from 45 countries. This year two Bulgarian wines were recognized on Prowein 2009. Villa Hisar took the award for drinks with exquisite qualities in the category In the world of white burgundy . Villa Hisar Chardone selection crop 2008 and Villa Hisar +359 White Metaphor received 2 of 3 stars possible in the world competition/ chart, made by a special tasty jury. The awards will be formally conferred on the trade fair itself.

Representatives of Terra Vitalis OOD will also visit the exhibition this year. They will have the opportunity to get acquainted with and apply the experience of their colleagues abroad.

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