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  09.06.2009: "VINEXPO" - the 15th international exhibition for wine and spirits
"VINEXPO" - the 15th international exhibition for wine and spirits will take place in Bordeaux, France between June 21st - 25th 2009.

Launched in 1981, "Vinexpo" proved during the years its contribution for the development of this sector, as the only admitted participants there, were professional producers, big companies representatives and leading specialists from all over the world.

In recent years, the biggest international wine and spirits exhibition has become a unique partner for the big producers of wine and spirits, providing them with variety of resources and opportunities for development and planning of successful corporate strategies.

With the increase of consumption and production of wine in our country, more and more Bulgarian wine and spirits producers take an interest in participation at "Vinexpo".

In this relation, as well as with purpose of optimization of the production and production process quality, representatives of "Terra Vitalis" Ltd. will participate in this year's exhibition.

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