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  11.11.2009: TERRA VITALIS will participating in the XXIII-rd edition of the International enological and bottling equipment exhibition SIMEI
SIMEI the XXIII-rd edition of the International enological and bottling equipment exhibition will take place in Milano, Italy from 24th to 28th of November 2009.
This is the biggest specialized exhibition for manufacturers of equipment and products for wine industry that dates as of 1963 and takes place biennially. Numerous companies from all over the world participate in it producers of machinery, equipment and accessories for wine-making, for processing, bottling and packaging of spirits (from rooted vine and vine nursery to vineyard cultivation and treatment, from vineyard planting machinery to grape harvesters in different models).
At the same time will take place ENOVITIS the VII-th International wine and olive growing technics exhibition. It takes place biennially, too, and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world manufacturers of machines and equipment for cultivation of vineyards and olive grove, agronomists, enologists, viticultors, etc.

The participation of our team at both exhibitions will offer us positive effect for our activity, with regard to the evolution of the market in the current economic situation and in particular will help us create new contacts and foster the existing ones, develop beneficial commercial partnership with customers and markets from all over the world.
In addition, it will offer us the opportunity to spread our knowledge of the innovations of the market and to improve our own image and visibility in the marketplace. Moreover, it will give us the possibility to propose our experience in fruit-growing, soil-cultivation, plant protection practise and consulting services about its related activities, and mainly to impose ourselves as producers of wine and spirits and competitive business partners in the enological field and wine industry.

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