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Geoland EOOD is a Bulgarian limited liability company, founded back in 2003 and based in Sofia, Bulgaria, 5 Neofit Rilski str.

Since 2004, the company's main activity has been focused on the establishment and management of a number of nurseries located in Straldzha municipality, Yambol district, where various fruit seedlings, grafts and rootstocks are being successfully propagated ever since.

As a certified seedling manufacturer, Geoland EOOD holds a Registration Certificate by the National Service for Plant Protection and is officially recognized as producer, grower and dealer in planting and sowing material with Certificate No. 0609/22.03.2005 issued by the Executive Agency for Sort Testing, Approbation and Seed Control.

The company operates 30 ha of nurseries, with some 12,2 ha of this area being established under the EU SAPARD program.

The company offers its customers a package service including:

  • Preparation of technological designs and planting layouts, which meet the most up-to-date technologies in fruit growing;
  • Selection of the most suitable varieties to be grown;
  • Selection of the necessary equipment;
  • Provision of consultations on the appropriate agro-technical practices and measures for plant protection.

Geoland is member of a manufacturers' group founded in 2007 and led by the company TERRA VITALIS OOD, whose goal is to produce and offer its multiple customers high-quality production certified under the applicable European standards.

The Company management has dedicated itself to constantly perfect and modernize its produce, train its personnel and introduce state-of-the-art technologies, as well as new and exciting varieties and sorts for the fruit-growing industry.

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